The Simplicity of Lean to Shed Plans

Lean to shed plans come in handy when one decides to build their own DIY shed. I say this because with such plans, there is no need of fulfilling the European standards of building when constructing such a shed.

The most common garden sheds have a door, a roof and 3 walls. On the other hand, a lean to shed has only 2 walls, the shed roof and the door. In fact, the reason why it is called lean to shed is because the shed ‘leans’ against the wall of another building. That wall is what acts as the 3rd wall of the shed. With this information, now understand why they are called lean to shed plans.

Whether you are building the normal garden sheds or the lean to sheds, there are some foundational rules that need to be followed. First and foremost, make sure that the location of the shed is well identified. It is advisable that the shed is placed on a flat surface and should be constructed in where it will be used for a long time. Try to make the shed a permanent structure, unless you fancy a mobile garden shed.

Another important thing you may want to sort out is the issue of the building permit. Not so many people are aware that building a simple wood shed needs a permit from the local authorities. Well, the law stipulates that a building permit should always be gotten before erecting any structure. So ensure that you get a permit to build the shed.

If you are feeling a bit lazy and may not have the time to build the shed on your own, you may want to use a pre-built shed kit. The truth is that you may spend a few more thousand dollars on the kit as compared to doing it yourself. Another option is to get a professional to do it for you. Hiring a professional is a good idea but, again, you will spend more than if you built the shed on your own.

It is important that Safety and Health rules are maintained when building a DIY shed using a shed plan. Ensure that you use protective clothing when constructing the shed.

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