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How to Plan and Build a Garden Shed

When planning to build a garden shed, one has to put into consideration his needs. What is it that you want the shed for? Do you want it to be a workshop or do you want a place to store some of the tools and materials used for gardening? By answering these questions, you can be able to identify the main purposes of having the shed and thus plan accordingly.

The place where the shed will be located is another important factor to consider in the planning and building of a garden shed. It could be possible that you want the shed to be a standalone feature in the backyard or you may want it to blend together with its surrounding. Making a decision on whether the shed will blend or will standalone is important when determining the location.

Another important issue is to abide by the rules and regulations of your country. There are certain states allow sheds of up to a particular size. In addition to these laws, building permits are also required for those who intend to do any construction. In short, when planning to build a garden shed, make sure you visit the local authorities so that they can advise you on the size of the shed and issue you with a building permit for the construction.

It is also important to consider the foundation on which the shed will be built on. The options for a foundation are either concrete slabs or paving slabs. There are some people who would want a temporary shed so a concrete foundation wouldn’t be viable. Quite a number of people think that with a wooden base, there won’t be need for an additional base. For your information, wood has tendency to rot over the years especially when it comes into contact with soil. This is because, the soil retains water, the wood will come into contact with soil that has water and then begin to rot. Thus, wooden bases are not recommended unless the shed is temporary and will be used on a short-term basis.

For those who will be spending quite some time in the shed, some form of insulation should be provided. This will help the shed last longer regardless of the weather conditions.

Sheds can be built using a pre-built shed plan kit, where all that is required is assembly, or by using a shed plan, where all the materials have to be purchased and building starts from scratch. Whatever your choice, a shed plan is always important to use.

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