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Small Shed Plans Book

You know the scene… you start a project, the purchase the wrong material, take the wrong measurements and spend hours trying to correct mistakes! What was going to be an achievement turns out to be a nightmare and waste of money.

I decided to have a look at My Shed Plans to see if it had any quality shed plans and tutorials that would suit even a beginner woodworker as well as an intermediate or professional.

CLICK HERE To Get a Copy of the Small Shed Plans eBook!

What is My Small Shed Plans?

This is a brief outline of what you can expect to get once you arrive at the download page.

Following are the categories and in each you find the downloadable files

  • Main Woodworking Project Files – this area includes design projects and many woodworking projects some in PDF form, and categories including shed, barn and green house plans.
  • Outdoor Plans – this opens up another window with yet more outdoor plans for you to peruse.
  • More Sheds and Garages Plans – this section includes shed and garage pack, including, steps to building sheds as well as guides on shed bases, locations and foundation guides.
  • Woodworking Materials – This includes tips and advice on a variety of materials you might need to use in your projects.
  • Other Download – This section includes a variety of woodworking projects in zip form. There are approximately 110 in all and within each zip file you get variations of the theme. As an example the workbench.zip contained 14 PDF versions, and the toys.zip housed about 50 toy PDF versions.

There are also CAD files if you purchase the gold premium upgrade.

There were a few unadvertised bonuses and recommendations.

Comprehensive “How To” woodworking guide… and much more.

Pros of My Shed Plans

Upon purchase you will have instant access to the download page where you can peruse the list and download all the plans you want, there are a lot so you will need to bookmark the link for return visits.

Everything is organized clearly explained and easy to navigate.

The numbers of plans are really impressive! There are variations of design and all plans are downloadable so you can print out and have a copy with you when purchasing materials and working on the project.

Over 12,000 shed materials list and blueprints with clear instruction.

Step-by-step detailed plans and blueprints with materials list so you know exactly what to buy and comprehensive woodworking guides so you know how to do it.

My Shed Plans is aimed at almost everyone; it is suited to the beginner, such is the level of detail that it provides, as well as those that are far more experienced.

Cons of My Shed Designs

There are not many that I can find as I peruse the site and evaluate the materials that I have already downloaded. If you are in the market for plans, it is plans you get and plenty of them!

However, if you don’t want to take the time to download all the files you have to purchase the CD Edition (at an extra, albeit small cost of about $19.95) to get all the files on disk already. I didn’t mind downloading once I got it sorted out.

Also you must remember to bookmark the page to go back a few times to download all you want… and there is a lot!

I got caught out there and lost my link; remember it is a download page and not a membership area like Ted’s.

CLICK HERE To Get a Copy of the Small Shed Plans eBook!

I was blown away with the quantity of what is available, and quality of what I have so far looked at. If you are at all short of ideas for your shed then you will get a plethora here.

If you want a variety of plans to work with, if you want a truck load of projects and ideas that will keep you going for years, then this is the best package on the internet.

You might even be using the toy plans to make toys for your grandchildren!

Check out the official website… For More Information Click HERE