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Important Tips When Building a Garden Shed

When you want to build a garden shed for you gardening materials and tools, you would first start by planning. This involves know the size of the shed and the location of the same. To know the size of that you want, you may want to look at the number of things you want to store in that shed. The more the number of things to be stored the larger the size of the shed to be built.

You also want to plan where you will locate the shed. It should be placed on a stable and level ground where it may not interrupt human traffic.

Once these two issues are sorted out, you can begin looking for a garden shed plan. Truth be told, it is not easy getting a shed plan because there are many scam plans which don’t work. The best plans are those that offer a money back guarantee and the ones which have a step-by-step instruction on how to build the shed.

Once you have gotten the plan that you think is the most suitable, you may now want to get the materials. Sometimes, the plans usually have a material list and where they can be purchased from. Another option is to use pre-built kits, although this will cost you a bit more compared to DIY guides. In the process of choosing you materials, you can also select the type of finish you would like to put on your exterior.

When you want to frame the shade, the framework should be laid out on 16 inch centres. One would then have to nail the dimension lumber. This will make the sheath to splice on a stud, rafter or joist. In case you are not using a premade kit, the floor would have to be framed first. The framing of such a floor should be at 16 inch centres. This strengthens them. The floor frame is then cut according to the size one desire. Once this is done, they joists can be nailed at ¾ of an inch behind the centre marks. Plywood is then used to sheet the floor.

The walls are framed at 16 inch centres. The studs should be crowned in such a way that the crown is up. One can use 16 penny nails to nail between the plate materials. This should be done to all walls, leaving an opening for the windows and doors.

Once the walls have been framed and are standing, the wall can be sheeted with plywood. Rafters can then be placed on top of the wall plated at 2 foot centres. The rafter can then be nailed down on to the wall frames using 12 penny nails. The roof can be sheeted with ½ inch plywood. You can then place the facia board and put the roof edge.

Finally you can place doors and windows as necessary.

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